Development location the Buitenplaats

About the Buitenplaats

As future developer of site De Buitenplaats you are assured of a carefree and beautiful location in the heart of Southern Netherlands. The development site consists of more than 9.5 hectares of private land, and offers the possibility to build approximately 240 recreational units (houses and / or chalets), a residence and a main building.

Current situation

Located halfway between world cities where the provinces Brabant and Zeeland meet is the historic city of Bergen op Zoom. The rural area of this cultural city holds a great development site between vast areas of beautiful farmland and forest.

A visit to the city can be easily combined with a visit to the near surroundings. Walking or cycling through the forest, water activities, or cycling through a beautiful landscape while taking in Dutch culture: it has it all.

De Buitenplaats is a development site consisting of 29.999 m2 in total.

This beautiful site is situated in a rural, wooded area with numerous sports, cultural and culinary facilities close by. In short, there is plenty of space to develop an unique recreation parc in these beautiful surroundings.

Tourism & Day recreation

The parc has a striking location, as the site is situated:

  • near a golf course (approximately 600 meters);
  • near a forest area (approximately 500 meters);\next to a watercourse (Zoom);
  • near the historic city center of the municipality of Bergen op Zoom;
  • near a large outlet center (Rosada);
  • near A58 (a few minutes drive), which means there is a good highway connection to, for example, Antwerp, Rotterdam and the province of Zeeland (Zeeland coast).

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The possibilities

Buitenplaats de camping
9,5 hectare ontwikkeling


Development opportunities

240 recreatiewoningen

Recreation units

Homes and / or chalets


Business home

Ground floor and first floor

Main building

Common space & Services

Ready for the future

The development site covers more than 9.54.40 hectares of private land and offers the possibility to divide approximately 240 recreation units (houses and / or chalets) over:

  • 15 large holiday residences (max. 200m²);
  • 90 normal holiday residences (max. 100m²);
  • 95 chalets (max. 80m²);
  • 40 other structures for recreational accommodation such as hiker’s huts and mobile homes (max. 50m²).

In addition, a residence, a main building and central facilities may also be realized.

The beautiful development site is situated in a rural, wooded area with numerous sports, cultural and culinary facilities in the near surroundings.

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